Monthly Archive for April, 2008

Day 11: Settling in

Home is where the ‘puter is, and it’s in Shanghai.

The air­port by my place seems to have dif­fer­ent lev­els of traf­fic every­day. The nois­i­est days were still the first two days I ar­rived. Since then there’s gen­er­ally been only a few not­i­ca­ble fly­bys per day, and not all of them were loud.

With the noise mostly gone, there are just two other ma­jor an­noy­ances. First, the shower area is tiny. Second, I have to use three dif­fer­ent keys to get into my apart­ment. I’ve pretty much got­ten used to those though.

There’s a Tesco su­per­mar­ket just a few min­utes walk­ing dis­tance from where I live. The place is huge and they sell every­thing. I’ve been go­ing there nearly every­day for stuff like in­stant noo­dles and power strips. The place is ridicu­lously packed on weekends.

Still no in­ter­net. Hopefully will be in­stalled next week.