Monthly Archive for August, 2008

Day 133: I hate my bathroom

WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK! MY BATHROOM WREAKS! I don’t even know what that smell is! It used to be just shit, but now it’s like shit plus piss, jizz, barf and road­kill all blended into va­por that has spread into my en­tire apartment.

It’s def­i­nitely from the bath­room be­cause the smell is 10 times stronger in there. I can’t stay there for too long be­cause I feel like the odor would get at­tached to my hair and my clothes, and stay in my lungs. In fact I DO feel it in my lungs, and my throat, but I don’t know if I’m just imagining.

For the record, my bath­room is to­tally clean! An ayi comes once a week and she does a fan­tas­tic job. I don’t make a mess ei­ther. I’m def­i­nitely get­ting some kind of spray to­mor­row, though it won’t help much.

I’ve no­ti­fied the guy I’m sup­posed to no­tify and I think he said he’ll look into it the next time he’s in my area. When the hell is that gonna be.

I’m gonna start brush­ing my teeth in the kitchen, with a brand new tooth­brush. I should evac­u­ate the towel too.