Customer Support Feedback

If you purchased an electric skateboard after watching my review and used my referral link and discount, I of course hope that you have a positive experience with that board. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen, and customer support from brands are sometimes unhelpful.

Fill out the form below if you’d like to share your customer support experience with me.

What does filling out this form do?

  1. It helps me understand how e-skate brands treat their customers.
  2. If you want, a copy of your feedback gets sent to the brand.

NOTE: If you’re having support issues with a brand, filling out this form to inform the brand does NOT mean that your support case with the brand will be escalated. If that ends up happening, great, but don’t count on it.


  • You purchased the product using my referral link and discount code.
  • You have already contacted the product brand’s customer support and given them adequate opportunity to resolve your issue.
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