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Electric Skateboarding

Alter Bags

Alter makes backpacks designed specifically for carrying electric skateboards of various sizes, including short boards and all-terrain boards.

$10 off any backpack. 
Discount code: DKWAN

Boa Wheels

Boa makes sexy wheels ranging from 80mm to 100mm using their Hemotox formula. Their wheels also stand out due to their extra wide contact patches for improved grip.

$5 off any set of wheels.
Discount code: REFZRWDU2YU5C


Backfire makes quality electric skateboards for the average consumer and has perhaps the best aftersales customer service out of all electric skateboard brands.

⭐ $155 off Backfire G3.
Discount code: DKWANG3
⭐ $155 off Backfire Ranger X2.
Discount code: DKWAN
⭐ $205 off Backfire Zealot.
Discount code: DKZEALOT
Backfire deal on Amazon US (sometimes).


Unlike most other boards under $2000, Boundmotor’s boards use a VESC-based ESC so you have some ability to fine tune your board’s performance. They also have parts that may be worth checking out for DIY builders.

⭐ 5% off order total.
Discount code: DKWAN
(Free stickers only for orders over $200.)


Exway’s X1 and X1 Pro are niche eboards for those who love a downhill style deck and sleek design. The new Exway Flex raises the bar incredibly high for competing boards in its price range, and the upcoming Exway Wave is likely to do the same for short boards.

At this time, you can enter two discount codes. This will probably change soon.

⭐ $40 off any electric skateboard.
Discount code 1: DKWAN
Discount code 2: Alex20
(case sensitive)
⭐ $45 off Exway Flex.
Discount code 1: DKWAN
Discount code 2: EXWAYFLEX25
(case sensitive)
⭐ $10 off shipping.
Discount code: EXWAYSHIPPING10
(case sensitive)

I-Wonder Cloudwheels

Cloudwheels have been popular lately. They’re sort of a hybrid of all-terrain and street wheels. The original ones were 120mm, and now they also have them in 105mm. I quite like the 105mm version.

$10 off Cloudwheels.
Discount code: DKWAN


Lazyrolling makes skate protective gear in the form of jackets, hoodies, and pants that look like street wear. They also make putting on protective gear way more convenient.

No discounts at this time.


Lycaon makes electric skateboards. If you like them, well here you go, have a discount!

⭐ 3% off any electric skateboard.
Discount code: DKWAN


Meepo is the O.G. budget electric skateboard brand whose successful business model influenced (or was copied by) many other budget brands today.

$10 off any electric skateboard.
Discount code: MEEPO2020
40% off V3 ESC and remote combo.
Discount code: V3ESCSWITCH


Fabian Doerig’s Onsra Black Carve comes in a direct drive version and a belt drive version, both top notch. Choose the smaller wheels for more torque and range, or the larger wheels for bad roads and a more comfortable ride.

⭐ 5% off any electric skateboard.
Discount code: DKWAN


When it comes to producing boards using existing parts, Ownboard is a trendsetter. Ownboard popularized the use of Hobbywing’s ESC in budget boards years ago and recently made Evolve-like boards that are arguably better than Evolve’s own.

⭐ $5 off any electric skateboard.
Discount code: DKWAN
⭐ $10 off the Ownboard Bamboo or Carbon.
Discount code: DKWANAT


ShredLights’ products let you easily mount headlights and taillights on your electric skateboard. They have mounts for just about every type of board.

⭐ 10% off your total order.
Discount code: DKWAN


Vestar’s M.O. seems to be to make boards that others have already done, but use some different (cheaper?) parts and squeeze in a bigger battery.

⭐ 10% off your total order.
Discount code: DKWAN10
⭐ 20% off the Vestar Night Fury.
Discount code: DKWAN


WowGo was perhaps the first to successfully copy Meepo’s budget board business model and now produces boards that rival Boosted Boards at less than half the price. Both the 3 and 3X are a giant leap forward compared to WowGo’s previous generation boards.

⭐ $30 off the WowGo 3.
Discount code: DKWAN
⭐ $45 off the WowGo 3X.
Discount code: DKWAN3X



iMazing is an essential tool for iPhone users. I use it on both Windows and Mac.

On Windows because it is the best way to transfer files between the iPhone and a PC. If you just plug your iPhone to the PC and drag and drop files using the File Explorer, you may have noticed that that only works well if you’re transferring a couple files at a time. If you’re transferring lots of files, the process just quits without warning! With iMazing, the transfer is always reliable.

On the Mac, there are more practical ways to transfer files to and from the iPhone but I still use iMazing for doing local backups. There are a number of situations where iCloud Backup just doesn’t work, such as when you’re at a place that doesn’t have Wi-Fi, or if you’re in China where iCloud Backup fails more often than not.

I have also used iMazing to recover my iPhone when a software update froze in the middle. Backups are important!

There are a bunch of other useful features. I highly recommend this app if you own an iPhone.

Download for Windows or Mac.


There are several competing services for finding royalty-free music for your videos and Soundstripe is the best I’ve found so far. Epidemic‘s licensing terms suck, and Artlist‘s search and cataloging need a lot of work. Soundstripe has good terms and a much better search.

20% off membership fee.


TubeBuddy has lots of useful tools for YouTube creators, but their subscriptions aren’t cheap. Fortunately you don’t need to commit to them long term. I use the free plan most of the time, and when I need a specific feature I purchase the appropriate plan for that month only.

For instance, I needed the bulk find and replace feature to update links in the descriptions of more than 100 of my videos. I purchased their “Star” subscription for that month, did what I needed to do, and then canceled it.

Install TubeBuddy for YouTube.



This is my online store where I sell my merch and esk8-inspired apparel. Some stickers also.

$5 off with minimum purchase of $20.
Discount code: DKWAN


I use Robinhood for investing in individual stocks because their app makes it incredibly fast and convenient.

Get 1 random stock for free.

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