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  • Raith Rocket Review

    Made by Raith, the company that set the world record for the fastest electric skateboard, the Rocket is the lower-specced, consumer-friendly version of their record-setting board. But what made this the board I’d been most interested in covering over the past few months are its unique remote controller, its tiny direct drive motors, and its…

  • Airtrick A1 Pro Review

    Former pro skater Keith Shillitoe tries electric roller skates.

  • Exway Ace RKP Trucks

    Not a fan of double kingpin (DKP) trucks for electric skateboards? Exway now has reverse kingpin (RKP) trucks that are compatible with not just the Atlas series, but most all-terrain electric skateboards. Learn more at

  • Backfire Zealot V Review

    An odd board for sure, but perhaps that’s why I like it! The Zealot V takes Backfire’s familiar electric longboard formula and scales it down. Learn more through my referral links below. Backfire USABackfire China (worldwide)

  • Top Electric Skateboards 2023-2024 Winter

    Holiday Update If you order a board using my discount code, I have a bonus deal for you! In this post, I list which electric skateboards I feel you should look into at this moment based on different use cases and budgets. My selections are based on what I’ve tried or what I know from…

  • Tynee Stinger LE Review

    The standard Tynee Stinger electric skateboard is a very well-specced DKP cruiser alternative to Evolve Stoke and Meepo Flow, but way too heavy for my liking. Tynee has now released the Stinger LE which is lighter and more affordable. Watch my review and learn more from Tynee (referral discount link).

  • Best Electric Skateboards of 2023 (Forbes)

    The experts at Forbes came up with a list of the best electric skateboards for 2023. This video is my reaction to their list. Forbes article:

  • ShredLights Smart Lights Review

    ShredLights has recently released their new smart lights which include a bunch of new features, and one feature that I’ve wanted for years. I’ll briefly explain what ShredLights are, what the new smart lights have to offer, and whether I think you should get them. What are ShredLights? If you have an electric skateboard and…

  • Propel Pivot S Review

    Propel is known for their off-roading electric skateboards, namely the Endeavor series which I previously covered on this channel. They’ve recently entered the 2-in-1 market with the Pivot series, and they gave me the option of trying out the more affordable Pivot S, or the higher performance Pivot GT. I chose the Pivot S, and…

  • Exway Ripple Review

    Finally, a truly lightweight and affordable electric skateboard that feels like a regular cruiser board! At just 5.9 kg, the Exway Ripple is even lighter than my most frequently used board, the Exway Wave. It’s also about half the price at just $399. With similar dimensions to the Wave, the Ripple is essentially a Wave…

  • Tynee Mini 3 Series Review

    The Tynee Mini 3 introduces a new feature to belt drive systems on electric shortboards, as well as an app for customizing board parameters. Tynee also released a Mini 3 Pro for ungodly power on a short electric skateboard. I’ve tried both boards. Watch my video for my complete thoughts.

  • Propel Endeavor 2 GT Review

    The Propel Endeavor is one of the most unique series of electric skateboards ever featured on my channel. And their latest model, the Endeavor 2 GT, has just been released. What is the Propel Endeavor? The Propel Endeavor is a series of off-road electric skateboards that first came out in 2021. Although various types of all-terrain…