Free Stickers


I am pausing this offer indefinitely! The final batch of stickers will be shipped out soon. I will be creating a different offer soon.

—Daniel, Sep 6, 2021

If you purchased something using my referral link and discount code (see here), thank you! Let me send you a pack of stickers for free! Please read and fill out the form below.

pack of stickers


For the free stickers (not other items), please understand that I use the cheapest shipping method to keep this offer free, and that the post office is currently unable to give me delivery time estimates due to the pandemic.

Some people get their stickers in a couple weeks but some have waited as long as 3 months, and some never got them. Sorry but I don’t have much control over this! I’m open to suggestions.


  • You ordered an eligible product (⭐️) through my referral link and used my discount code.
  • You ordered less than one month ago.
Fill out my online form.

When will the stickers be delivered?

Under normal circumstances (sans pandemic), once you have submitted this form, the stickers should arrive in approximately 2 to 6 weeks. I send them out in batches once per month.

In order to send these stickers out for free, I have to keep my costs as low as possible. That means I can’t use express mail or have tracking codes. Once the envelopes go out, I have no idea where they are! Thanks for understanding!