How to convert battery specs to Watt‑hours

Some electric skateboard manufacturers don’t show their battery specs in Watt-hours (Wh), but you need that number to be able to compare the battery capacities of boards with different battery configurations. Knowing the capacity in Wh also helps with estimating how far you can travel on a board.

If you can’t find the Wh number, look for battery specs that look something like these:

10S2P 6Ah

9Ah 3P12S 18650

If you see 10S (for example 10S2P, 1P10S, etc.), then the battery pack is 36V. You multiply the V and Ah to get the Wh. So for a 10S2P 6Ah battery pack:

36 * 6 = 216

This battery is 216Wh.

If you see 12S (for example 12S2P, 3P12S, etc.), the battery pack is 43.2V. So for a 12S3P 9Ah battery pack:

43.2 * 9 = 388.8

This battery is 388.8Wh.

The battery specs aren’t always easy to find. If you can’t find battery specs listed with a board, see if the seller sells the battery by itself – in which case more details may be in the battery’s product page. If you can’t find the info anywhere, then just ask the seller and get the battery capacity in Wh from them while you’re at it.

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10S and 12S are the most common arrangements for 18650 and 21700 cells, which are the most common battery types for electric skateboards. If you see a different “S” number, just multiply that by 3.6 to get the proper voltage.

10 * 3.6 = 36V
12 * 3.6 = 43.2V

Then multiply that by the Ah to get the Wh.