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Help me get back on a board again! Sales of the DKWAN Rehab line of merch will go towards my physical therapy bills.

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What happened?

I broke my ankle from a longboarding accident. The break was a bimalleolar fracture, meaning the bottom parts of both the tibia and fibula broke. My broken bones are now held together by a metal plate and screws, and I got a couple gnarly scars for free!

The bones will undoubtedly heal, but whether I’ll regain the full range of motion in my ankle is in question. If my ROM does not improve, I will walk with a limp and may not be able to run, much less skate again.

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Bills, bills, bills…

To give myself the best chance of a full recovery, I’ve been going to physical therapy at a private hospital once every one or two weeks and plan on going to a specialized clinic later. Each session at the hospital costs $157 (1000 RMB), and the clinic’s 16-week program is about $4500 (28,800 RMB). At the moment I don’t know how many sessions I’ll have at the hospital but I’m roughly estimating my total physical therapy expense to be about $6000.

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I’m selling these DKWAN Rehab items to help offset the cost of my physical therapy sessions.

They will be available from now until the end of April 2022. At the end of April 2022, the amount raised will be calculated. Any profit above $6000 will be donated to charity. (Which charity is TBD. I doubt we’ll reach $6000 but we’ll see!)

My original plan was to sell the DKWAN Rehab items for a limited time and then calculate the profits at the end of the campaign. If the profits were to exceed the amount I’d need for my physical therapy sessions, the extra amount was to go to charity.

Unfortunately I have to scrap that plan because there’s not a simple way for me to calculate how much I’m making from this campaign alone with the way I have my store set up. So now these DKWAN Rehab items are sold like regular items.

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What exactly happened to your ankle?

I was out with some people practicing downhill longboarding. I exhausted myself, got sloppy, and fell in a way that caused my right ankle to overextend externally and snap. I talk more about it in this video.

What about insurance?

My surgery and 9 days at the hospital cost me a little over $6000. I paid out of pocket but that amount should be covered by the one-day sport insurance I purchased which covers up to $9428 (60,000 RMB). The insurance claim is in progress. (Update: I have received the insurance money. About 90% of that bill was covered, yay.)

My physical therapy sessions are not covered.

Recovery Timeline

  • November 16, 2021 – Broke my anke.
  • November 18 – Surgery.
  • November 25 – Left the hospital.
  • December 10 – First physical therapy session.
  • December 20 – 1 month post-op checkup. Everything looks fine.
  • February 7, 2022 – Back to wearing normal shoes.


  • February 18 – 3-month post-op checkup.
  • ??? – Phase IV physical therapy.
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If these items are too expensive for you but you’d still like to get one, use discount code BROKE at the checkout page. If you don’t need the discount, paying full price helps me out more. Thanks either way!