WowGo 2S Pro Review

Watch the video for my review of the budget-friendly WowGo 2S Pro electric skateboard. I’m just sharing additional info regarding the range test in this post.

I did the test at night because lately the temperature outside has been too hot and muggy during the day (like 30+ ºC, humidity 90%). And because I did the test at night with lower visibility, I was riding more slowly so the range I got is probably a little better than what I’d normally get.

I was riding at mostly 20 to 30 km/h. I forgot to weigh myself but was probably around 75 to 77 kg. The temperature outside was 28 ºC.

I got 21.8 km on both my GPS watch and WowGo’s remote. I stopped measuring sometime after I got the 10% low voltage warning on the remote but before the board stopped responding, so I’m calling that 5%.

The battery is 225 Wh and 95% of that is 214, so the efficiency came out to about 10 km/Wh. Now that I’m a few kilograms heavier than before, 10 km/Wh is a little better than what I normally get. But again my lower than normal speed likely had something to do with it. Well supposedly the 12S battery helped too but I’m not sure how much difference that made compared to 10S.

Anyway, like I said in the video, I think this is a good board for only $430. And as usual I have a referral code you can use if you’d like to buy.