Exway Flex ER Review

Exway Flex now comes in two varieties for 2022: the standard Flex with a 216Wh battery and the Flex ER with a 346Wh battery. They come with an option of hub motors or belt drive. We received the Flex ER with belt drive for our review. Here’s how I felt about it.

Highlights of the Flex ER

  • Great carving experience with stock parts
  • Very nice looking trucks and deck
  • Deck flares great for carving with minimal effort
  • Many customizable settings via app

Lowlights of the Flex ER

  • Some may find the deck less comfortable on longer rides
  • Marketed range of “up to 30 miles” may leave some disappointed

While “up to 30 miles” is technically true, you may need to be very lightweight and ride conservatively to achieve that number. Use my range estimator to get a better estimate of what range you can expect.

Marketing language aside, I love this board. It offers the best ride experience of all the boards I’ve tried in this category.

Watch the full review. And then if you decide to get it, feel free to use my referral code DKWAN at checkout for an additional $15 off. Using my referral code also helps support this channel.


Should you get Exway Flex or Exway Wave?

I’m planning on purchasing an Exway board later this month. I’m just split between the Flex or the Wave. I work 4 miles away from my house so it’d be an 8 mile commute total. My town is pretty good for skating. I’m just not sure which one would fit my needs better. 

8 miles roundtrip should be doable on both boards if you’re under 200 lb and have no hills. (This may be useful.) Otherwise I suggest just charging the board at work. As for Flex or Wave, I personally find the Wave to be more convenient and I use it more than other boards. But I like carving more on the Flex, though the stock bushings are a bit hard for me.

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