Additional thoughts on Meepo NLS Belt

Whenever I make a review video without writing a script or even notes, I end up forgetting to mention a bunch of stuff. So watch my review of the Meepo NLS Belt first, and then read my additional thoughts below.

Also watch my unboxing video if you want a closer look at the board. Ok, my additional thoughts:

Speed, brakes, and jerkiness

The NLS Belt’s top speed of 36 km/h (22.5 mph) is somewhat low compared to its peers, which top out at around 38 to 45 km/h. I don’t think it’s a big issue though since most people ride at around 20 to 30 km/h according to surveys I’ve seen. Besides, you can put on bigger wheels to bring up that top speed (while sacrificing a bit of torque).

The torque is supposed to be great but honestly I can’t feel a difference from other $700 boards. Keyword is feel. Maybe there would be a notable difference if I were to compare two boards side by side, but judging by feeling, I think the difference is likely negligible.

I did feel jerkiness on take-off from a complete stop in the 4th (top) speed mode, but I’m really not sure if that’s a high low-end torque or just a poorly configured acceleration curve. Think about a car. Even in first gear on a high powered car, you should be able to ease into the throttle without any jerk.

The same goes for brakes. You should be able to ease into it, but on the 4th brake mode the brakes engage a bit too abruptly. That doesn’t mean that it’s too strong. There’s a difference between jerky control and strong acceleration/brakes. Again, think of a car. Even with very strong brakes on a car, you can ease into it.

With that said, compared to the older Lingyi ESCs that I’ve tried, the jerkiness is now consistent and predictable. As long as the behavior is consistent and predictable, the rider can easily adapt to it.

Range performance

The review video shows my second range test and I got 22 to 24 km depending on which device you look at: 22 on Max’s phone, 23 on my phone’s Ride app, 24 on the Meepo remote. Max and I both rode the board and we were 74 kg (me) and 78 kg, but mostly I was the one riding. Weather was 23 ºC.

On my first range test, which I did on my own, I got 23 to 27 km: 24 on Ride app, 23 on GPS watch, 27 on Meepo remote. I was 77 kg (carried more stuff) and the weather was 28 ºC.

In both cases, the Meepo remote showed the highest number so I have a feeling it’s not that accurate. There is a way to recalibrate the calculation but it’s convoluted and I can’t remember how. It’s not like a Hobbywing remote where you just enter the wheel size and gear ratio.

Both range test results seem a little low to me for a 288Wh battery but there are so many variables that can affect range that I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. Over time, more people will share their range results on social media so you can keep an eye on that if you care about range that much.

Competitive advantages

Normally boards around the same price have their own unique selling points that attract different types of people. Exway Flex has the smart battery, firmware upgrades, etc. Backfire Zealot has the Turbo button, ambient lights, etc. Meepo NLS Belt has … Boosted parts?

Like I said in the video, the main competitive advantage of the NLS Belt is probably the battery made up of Samsung 40T cells. (Well WowGo Knight’s “Plus” battery uses 40T also.) It justifies the price of the NLS Belt, but it’s a tough sell. Terms like “21700” and “Samsung 40T” mean absolutely nothing to most people.

The 3A charger is another advantage actually, as some competitors include chargers around 2A and sell faster chargers for an extra $100. (Backfire Zealot’s charger is 2.5A though.) But again, tough sell since most people don’t think about charge time or know what 3A means.

So should someone with a $700 budget choose the NLS Belt over the competition because of the higher discharge battery and faster charger? Some people would, I guess.

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