Exway Hydro All-Season Wheels Review

Exway and I-Wonder (Cloudwheel) teamed up to create the Hydro wheels which make riding on wet roads safer than using the standard 85-90mm urethane wheels.

Please note that I do not recommend riding in rain or in any condition where water is likely to get inside the board as that’s a fire hazard. Splashes from wet roads and small puddles should be fine but make sure you have a board that is waterproofed well.


  • Reduces the risk of hydroplaning
  • Unique design and aesthetically pleasing
  • Minimal effect on range and performance


  • Some may expect more comfort because of the rubber layer
  • Pricey

Watch the full review. These come standalone or with the Flex Pro and Flex ER. If you decide to get them with a board, feel free to use referral code DKWAN at checkout for a discount. Using the referral code also helps support the channel in making more reviews.