How to start e-skating at 40 years old


As a 41-year-old guy with zero boarding experience I’m hoping you can give me some advice for myself as well as the board itself.


Here are some steps I suggest for a complete beginner:

  1. Get a helmet that fits well. If you buy online, check the return policy in case it doesn’t fit well.
  2. Watch some YouTube videos on how to ride a longboard so you learn foot placement and weight distribution, etc. (I should probably make a video on this.)
  3. Practice riding slowly – slower than you can run. Take as long as you need. You might find that you need to work out your legs more.
  4. Before you start riding faster than you can run, I suggest getting gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, and maybe even hip pads, and practice falling with them. Start by just standing on the ground and touching the ground with your hands, and then rolling on the ground. Getting familiar with how it feels to be on the ground helps a lot. I’m 39, I normally wear all the pads (except hip pads) if I’ll be riding faster than I run.
  5. Understand that falling is a normal part of skating. You’ll fall at some point so practice and ride accordingly!

For maintenance and other tips, I suggest watching the videos in this playlist: