Exway Atlas 2WD 90mm Range Test

I actually completed a range test on Exway Atlas 2WD with street wheels (90mm, 36T pulleys) two weeks ago. Just didn’t get around to writing about it so here goes.

Remember, lots of things affect range so please read through the ride conditions. This post isn’t a full review. This is only covering the range test.

This test was performed with the original 518 Wh battery with 12S4P 18650 Samsung 30Q cells. Due to a shortage of 18650 cells, the Atlas has switched to using 21700 cells in 12S3P, and still 518 Wh. The performance of the new battery is expected to be similar.

A rock briefly got stuck between the motor and motor guard, leaving a streak on the motor and pushing it inward a bit. I noticed the belt grinding while braking and stopped to readjust belt tension.


I rode from 98% battery down to 8% when the board stopped accelerating. After a few minutes the indicator was back up to something like 12% if I remember correctly. I thought the smart battery wasn’t supposed to deviate that much. Oh well. I rode from 98% battery because my unit has an issue with the BMS or something so it wouldn’t let me charge to 100%.

For this test I was riding in speed mode 3 (out of 4) almost the entire time. I would expect less range in mode 4 and more range in mode 2. The acceleration and brake strengths were set to max in the app.

According to the Ride app, I hit a top speed of 47.8 km/h, or 29.7 mph, in mode 4. That might have been a fluke, or maybe I was on a downhill slope, because Exway claims 43 km/h as the top speed in 2WD street. I don’t remember the top speed of mode 3 but I think it was in the mid 30s km/h.

In my range tests I normally try to stay around 25 to 35 km/h. Not completely sure if that was what I did for this test since it was two weeks ago but probably.

My weight was 78 kg and the weather was 24º C (75º F).


For this ride I measured the distance using the Ride app and my GPS watch. I couldn’t use Exway’s app because the beta app for setting gear ratio and wheel size for Atlas is only available on Android and I’m on iPhone.

On the Ride app I got 42.8 km (26.6 miles), and on my watch I got 39.5 km (24.5 miles). Exway’s website claims 54 km for 2WD with street wheels. Well I didn’t get very close to Exway’s number. For a 518 Wh battery I thought I would get more than around 40 km, but for me personally I’m fine with that result. I was tired by the end of the test anyway and was looking forward to recharge the board and myself.

By the way, just something I thought was kind of neat: the torque on 90mm wheels with 36T pulleys felt the same as the pneumatic 160mm with 56T. I didn’t measure scientifically or anything but just from feeling, they felt the same.

Anyway, next I’ll measure 4WD.

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