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Exway Atlas 2WD All‑Terrain Range Test

Yesterday I measured the range on my pre-production Exway Atlas in 2WD configuration with the stock 160mm all-terrain wheels and 56T pulleys. Remember, lots of things affect range so please read through the ride conditions. This post isn’t a full review. This is only covering my recent range test.

This test was performed with the original 518 Wh battery with 12S4P 18650 Samsung 30Q cells. Due to a shortage of 18650 cells, the Atlas has switched to using 21700 cells in 12S3P, and still 518 Wh. The performance of the new battery is expected to be similar.

Exway Atlas on a wooden deck


I rode from 98% battery down to 8%. My unit has an issue with the BMS or something so it wouldn’t let me charge to 100%. At 8% the board stopped letting me accelerate but I could still brake – this is normal on Exway boards.

For this test I was riding in speed mode 3 the entire time. (Mode 4 is the highest.) I would expect lower range in mode 4 and higher range in mode 2. The acceleration and brake strengths were set to max in the app.

Exway Atlas next to Long Museum

About half of my ride was in full throttle, which was limited to 34 km/h (21 mph) in mode 3. (Mode 4 gets me to 43 km/h or 27 mph.) The other half was in slower traffic with more stops and starts. I carved a bit but was mostly riding straight. The terrain was mostly flat asphalt roads with some gentle slopes on bridges.

My weight was about 74 kg and the weather was an unusually warm 24º C (75º F). Shanghai sometimes gets warm and humid right before a bout of rain.


On Exway’s app, which measures speed and distance based on the numbers you enter for the wheel size and gearing, I got 32.2 km (20.0 miles). On the Ride app, I got 30.9 km (19.2 miles). Exway’s website claims 30 km for 2WD all-terrain but doesn’t state the ride conditions. I was a bit surprised but pleased to see that my numbers are close to their claim.

Again note that this range test was on the 160mm all-terrain wheels and 56T pulleys, which are what most buyers will use since those are the stock parts.

Atlas 2WD’s 2-in-1 combo includes 90mm urethane wheels with 36T pulleys, which Exway’s website claims would get up to 54 km (33.6 miles). Exway also sells separately wheels in 85mm and 80mm, and pulleys in 26T and 44T, so you can further fine tune the board’s performance.

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